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28 septembro 2005 @ 14:18
I'm not by any means the most tidy person you'll ever meet, but this person should be shot! He let you stay at his place free of rent, and THIS is how you thank him!?!?!?!
*Disturbing pictures, just a cautionary note...
Nuna humoro: bitchydisgusted
Nuna muziko: my boyfriend playing Katamari Damacy
14 julio 2005 @ 15:09
Parents have become so fucking stupid these days.



Nuna humoro: angryangry
Nuna muziko: Nebelhexe, "Within the Lake"
11 julio 2005 @ 16:26
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Top 10 Stupid People who Piss Me Off:

1) Fat teenagers who wear skimpy clothing: Nothing wrong with being fleshy, but have some fucking decency!
2) Cell Phone Drivers: Anybody that stupid deserves to die in a horrible accident.
3) W., 'nuff said
4) Feminazis: Men are not out to get you, you need a hobby, you're a disgrace to females.
5) Rapists: 'No' means 'No', you neanderthals.
6) Girls who wear thick white eyeliner: It's not sexy, it looks like cheap acrylic paint, stop that.
7) Maine: A bunch of lazy, stupid rednecks with no work ethic. Get me outta here!
8) Radio: Same fucking songs, over and over until you want to smash it to bits!
9) Jealousy: She's a grown up, she can do what she wants, okay, Cletus? Get over it.
10) Pedestrians: If you don't want to get hit, don't wander into traffic. The crosswalk is your friend!

now tag 10 people on Live Journal.
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