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11 julio 2005 @ 16:26
Hello everyone.  
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Top 10 Stupid People who Piss Me Off:

1) Fat teenagers who wear skimpy clothing: Nothing wrong with being fleshy, but have some fucking decency!
2) Cell Phone Drivers: Anybody that stupid deserves to die in a horrible accident.
3) W., 'nuff said
4) Feminazis: Men are not out to get you, you need a hobby, you're a disgrace to females.
5) Rapists: 'No' means 'No', you neanderthals.
6) Girls who wear thick white eyeliner: It's not sexy, it looks like cheap acrylic paint, stop that.
7) Maine: A bunch of lazy, stupid rednecks with no work ethic. Get me outta here!
8) Radio: Same fucking songs, over and over until you want to smash it to bits!
9) Jealousy: She's a grown up, she can do what she wants, okay, Cletus? Get over it.
10) Pedestrians: If you don't want to get hit, don't wander into traffic. The crosswalk is your friend!

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